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Kakuro Sugimoto

Herbal pharmacist at the Sugimoto Pharmacy
Born in 1982.
After studying textile design and contemporary art at university, Kakuro Sugimoto leads as the pharmacy’s 3rd-generation. While offering advice and guidance on herbal medicines at the pharmacy, he explores Oriental medicine and herbalism, conducting a series of creative works, workshops and lectures in both fields of art and remedy. Integrating Japanese herbs and herbalism into contemporary lifestyles, he has participated in various programs in and outside of Japan, including “Health Music” by Ryuichi Sakamoto and “Traditional Japanese Medicine and Plant Dyeing” at Japan House London. He was the advisor on herbal medicine at G20 Osaka Summit Partners’ Program. He is the author of “Kokoro Kampo: a handbook on herbal medicine by a pharmacist from Kamakura, Ofuna”.


Sound artist
Born in 1973.
After completing BA in Aesthetics and Science of Arts at Keio University, Kohji Setoh studied computer music and media art at graduate school of Keio University SFC. As a composer, he has been working with NYC based choreographers. He is also carrying out various sound based activities in and outside of Japan, ranging from producing musical instruments, to sound design and music selection for video works and museum exhibitions. He is a director of the artist collective ROOT CULTURE and an Associate Professor of Music at Yokohama’s Ferris University.


Designer. Director of Cloud Design.
Born in 1966 in Iwate Prefecture.
After working at the YAMAHA Corporation Product Design Laboratory, Hidehiko Miura moved to England in 1997 to study at the Royal College of Art, London under Ron Arad and Anthony Dunne. He founded Cloud Design in 2000, and has been practicing experimental design in the fields of furniture, product, space and graphic. He is also making a series of installations that invites the audience to feel with their body, inspired by topography, atmosphere, and act of listening


Curator. Director of NAMBA SACHIKO ART OFFICE.
After serving as curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Sachiko Namba has curated a number of international exhibitions in and outside of Japan. Her curatorial projects include “Garden for Children” (2010, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo) and “Ryuichi Sakamoto: seeing sound, hearing time” (2021, M WOODS HUTONG, Beijing). She has authored works including “Curating Contemporary Art in Japan: 1950s to the Present” and “Curating Contemporary Art in Japan: Exhibition-Making Handbook.” She has been participating in “Taiki no Irie (Atmosphere / Sound)” as an “accompanist” since autumn 2018.